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Prime Chateaubriand

"That was the best trimmed loin I’ve seen... Thank you!!" -Johnny

Pork Belly

"Wish I could have stayed and talked food all day! Finished product from your pork bellies" -Krewe


"Great customer service, very friendly staff and fresh cuts of fish and meat. This is my wife's favorite! She loves The Butcher Blocks salmon." -Kevin


My husband and I have been to The Butcher Block a few times and leave more satisfied each time! The staff is so helpful, welcoming and their sandwiches are awesome. My husband loves the Reuben & I'm partial to the Tuscan Chicken! We also have purchased some steaks for home, which ended up being so very tender and flavorful. All their products are top notch and when you leave, you have a smile on your face! We will definitely be back!" -Karen

Boston Butt

"Thank you so much for the outstanding quality, customer service, and overall experience. Best butcher store in Tennessee, hands down." -Steven

Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Filet

"Complete dinner from The Block. Amazing sirloin wrapped with bacon paired with Parmesan asparagus & jalapeño poppers. Incredible flavor & texture. Highly recommend!" -Colton


"Excellent service aside, this place is my “go to” for meats and sides. Great prices and products keeps our family coming back for more. Thank you for providing our community with exceptional service and quality meats!" -Kristin

St. Louis Ribs

"Almost time to wrap. Thanks Butcher Block for the rub suggestion. Good looking color." -Randy

Prime Ribeye

"Another awesome grab from The Butcher Block: Prime Cowboy Ribeye & fresh brussel sprouts!" -Brian


"One of the few places in Franklin I can consistently find tri tip and brisket (at least with the fat-cap still on). The staff is friendly, the meat is great quality, and the location is close to my office, which is really convenient. I've never eaten their in-house food, but I'm sure it's great too. Definitely a go-to place for me any time I'm bbq'ing." -Jake

Filet Mignon

"Best steaks you will ever have! These guys are awesome, know what they're doing and are a true pleasure to work with! I will not buy meat anywhere but here. Try them out and I promise you won’t regret it!" -Gary

Baby Back Ribs

"Another great meal thanks to the amazing meats (and advice) from The Butcher Block! Thanks for the amazing ribs and boost of confidence. You guys are the best!" -Sandella

NY Strip

"Cooked up this monster strip and filet from The Butcher Block on a gas grill. Topped with the garlic butter from their store as well. Best I have ever cooked!" -Brian

Boston Butts

"First - the service has been superb on both visits. The owner introduced himself and and the employees. His passion and eagerness for understanding what customers want was so pleasant! They seem to be expanding their scope of offerings to wines and cheeses, etc. ... looking forward to what comes." -Chad

St. Louis Ribs

"The meat counter makes my mouth water!!! Tri-tip, full brisket and anything else you can want. I cooked the Tri-tip last night and moving on to the ribs this evening. Which leads me to the next point ... they are a Primo grill dealer. I bought mine a year ago and though not cheap ... I love it and do not regret a single dollar of the investment." -Chad

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