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Our beef displays are busting at the seams filled with USDA and Creekstone Farms premium midwestern beef. You'll see classics like beef tenderloin & filet mignon, prime rib roasts & tomahawk ribeye's as well tri tips, hanger steaks, plate ribs & short ribs, packer briskets, bone broth. The options seem nearly endless.

"Where is your beef from?”
The Midwest: Kansas & Nebraska

The beef is grass fed with a locally sourced grain finish for more flavorful interior marbling
Our beef is WET aged – not dry aged – for minimum 30 – 50 days

“What’s the difference?”
Choice is a step below Prime – Prime being the top before Wagyu

USDA Farms

  • Not always certified

  • Sourced from a broader region of farms

  • Very basic qualifications to meet

  • Roughly 160,000 cattle processed per week

Creekstone Farms: in one word – HUMANE
“The Temple Grandin Way”

  • Certified

  • Have developed personal relationships with the farmers. Regularly sourced from smaller, highly regulated farms year after year.

  • 1 out of 100 cattle are accepted due to a much higher standard

  • Verifiable, traceable genetic black coat angus

  • Only 7,500 (estimate) cattle processed per week

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