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Sam & Kim

We both grew up in the hills of eastern West Virginia. Sam, the avid sportsman, learned how to “butcher” at a very young age. I, NOT the avid sports girl, was more interested in music. Our journey together began in high school. He lovingly teases that upon checking out the incoming freshman, he got the “pick” of the litter. I lovingly tease back, saying, “that’s not such a cool thing”.  Call us high school sweethearts if you will.


Once graduated, Sam joined the military in the security forces and was stationed in the upper peninsula of Michigan (bordering Canada). Soon after, we got married and began to tackle the world. After Sam’s military service, we moved to Virginia Beach, VA to expand our career opportunities. That’s where Sam began his retail career with the Southland Corporation (aka 7/11 Stores). Yes, home of the infamous Slurpee! I, too, worked for the Southland Corporation as a secretary in the marketing department.  Sam moved quickly up the management ladder, and then into the franchise ownership segment.  Eighty to a hundred hour work weeks became “the norm”.  It didn’t take too long before we decided to take those hours and start investing them into our own business’s.


1993 was a big year for us. Our first daughter Emily was born and we began our career in business ownership. A few years later, Sarah was born and then more than a few years later, Becky joined our crazy bunch! We feel so honored and blessed that God gave us our 3 beautiful daughters we lovingly call “Girls of Grayce”.


Today we own several companies with our newest being The Butcher Block. Entrepreneurship is at the very core of Sam. It’s where he shines the most!


Our goal is simple: to know you by name and to offer you quality products coupled by a wonderful experience at The Block. Stop by and visit us soon! We are eager to get to know you better.

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