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Thanksgiving Dinner

Holiday Ordering

There are SO many reasons to celebrate with our loved ones & we would be honored to take part in helping you bring the tastiest dishes to the table.

Only 1 in 100 cattle represent the Creekstone Brand!

Raised in Kansas & Nebraska
Creekstone Farms
Premium Beef


Black Angus cattle have long been known to create beef that is tenderer with a superior flavor. Most Black Angus programs select their cattle solely on hide color. However, our cattle are hand-selected to be the best of the best and

represent true Black Angus genetics.

Fresh Beef


Every step of the way-from birth to

processing, we ensure our animals are handled

compassionately and humanely. In fact, our

beef processing plant was designed with animal

welfare in mind by Dr. Temple Grandin 

Creekstone was just awarded the Best Steak in North America!


Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey Orders

No Animal By-Products

No Artificial Ingredients

No Hormones, Antibiotics or Steroids

Fresh Turkeys and Breasts
Joyce Farms – North Carolina

•    Fed a wholesome, all-vegetable diet
•    Processed in a modern, USDA-approved facility with strict sanitation guidelines and an approved HACCP program
•    Hand-selected from the very best USDA Grade A birds
•    No injections, marinades, brines, or artificial ingredients
•    Fresh, never frozen


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